What happened to Bob Menery and Bob Nelk ‘Full Send’ Podcast on twitter and reddit?

Bob Menery
Bob Menery

What happened to Bob Menery and Bob Nelk ‘Full Send’ Podcast on twitter and reddit?

Bob Menery has been one of the biggest names on social media for years. Before teaming up with the Nelk Boys to build the Full Send podcast empire, he accumulated a large following, mainly in the golf world, but only recently has he joined the empire.

Bob Menery sits down with Tim Bader aka Timmy Bounceback or Bounceback Timmy on the first episode of Menery’s new Ripper Magoos podcast. He talks a lot about what’s been going on lately, why he’s not giving it his all anymore, if there’s bad blood and everything else. Menery didn’t stop to say whether he was fired or resigned, but based on some of his comments below, it sounds like the former. At one point, Meneri said he thought they used him until they no longer needed him, and claimed he had facts to back that up.

I have transcribed most of the conversation below. I encourage you to read it through and see what Bob Menery has to say. He believes he created and is used by the Full Send podcast, and if you’re a fan, you should hear his story.

More on Bob Menery x “Full Send” x Nelk split

A few weeks after the initial discussions, Bob Menery has been hard at work creating a new YouTube page, the Ripper Magoo Podcast. It currently has over 7.19k subscribers.

Menery’s first video is the channel’s announcement. He has since conducted hour-long interviews with rapper Bobby Shmurda and retired NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown.

Here’s the full discussion from Bob Menery and Bobby Shmurda when they broke into their careers on the Ripper Magoo podcast:

Ripper Magoo Podcast Episode 3 with Bob Menery

On the third episode of the Ripper Magoo podcast with Bob Menery, he guest-starred “NBA training legend” Chris Brickley. Brickley has coached NBA stars Trae Young and Kevin Durant as well as celebrities such as Drake and J. Cole.

Bob Menery and Chris Brickley talk about the jump from high school to the NBA, LeBron James, the top 5 in the NBA, working with J. Cole, and more. Let’s go:

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