Colin cowherd Joy Taylor, Colin Cowherd dice adios a ‘The Herd’, Joy Taylor

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On Monday, Colin Coward said goodbye to Joey Taylor as she heads to Fox’s daytime lineup shuffle to join the updated Speak For Himself (now called “Speak”). It’s a cool moment for two colleagues who have been working together for a long time, and even through the pandemic together.

Cowherd and Taylor have been working with Colin Cowherd on The Herd since joining FS1 in 2016. She co-hosted The Herd for years when former co-host Kristen Leahy quit.

When Leahy left to host her own show, Fair Game, with Kristine Leahy, Taylor took over the full-time role. Tyler is a great addition, providing a powerful voice for the Cowherd while also bringing a sense of humor to the show.

Taylor said goodbye to The Herd on Monday as Cowherd wished her all the best. The couple reminisced about their time together in a very cute clip.


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