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Car enthusiasts paraded through the M1 halls on Friday afternoon to kick off the weekend’s Motor City Steel Celebration with Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car”.

On the eve of the 27th annual Woodward Dream Parade, the Woodward Dream Show on Pontiac’s 87-acre race track showcased more than 850 classic cars, hot rods and other automotive visual candy to thousands of visitors.

Harold Tiburz looks at a blue 1932 Ford Victoria “Deuce” owned by Phil and Deb Becker of Dwight, Illinois, at the Woodward Dream Show on Friday.

In the indoor exhibition, visitors are greeted with a tribute to the 90th anniversary of the 1932 Ford “Deuce”. Over 50 legendary hot rods on display.

“That’s why car culture is so pervasive in America,” said Dave Sherman, vice president of M1 Iconic Events, organizer of the Dream Show. “People coming back from World War II had a surplus to choose from because Henry Ford made a lot of them and they could afford it.”

Avoca’s Mike Lavens photographed a black 1932 Ford Roadster owned by Jon Hall on Friday afternoon, August 19, 2022. Customers attend the Woodward Dream Show in Pontiac’s M1 Hall.

Harold Tiburzi, a former Ford Motor Company product development engineer who retired in 2007, admires Deuces, especially those with their Victorian bodies. He has five cars at the show, including two professional road cars and a Suzuki.


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