Debbie Harry leaked videos and photos viral on reddit and twitter

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Blonde frontman Debbie Harry says she thinks young women in the modern music industry are facing judgments that are “so stifling of creativity”.

In an interview with The Sunday Times’ Dan Cairns, Harry spoke about overcoming sexism at a time when the popularity of blondes was at its peak in the 1970s and 1980s. The publication reports that Blonde is currently touring the US after a 15-year hiatus.

Harry said she was grateful that the blonde was on the scene before social media because young women in music today face so much criticism.

“I don’t think objectification bothers me as much as censorship inhibits creativity or discovering anything about myself,” she told the outlet.

The singer also said that female artists of the late 20th century must have been particularly rowdy because they ushered in a new era of music.

“We were more lively back then. We came from that ‘good old boy’ era, so we had a real sense of purpose,” Harry said. “If you look at any girl from that era, they had a very good attitude. I feel more and more that I have to fight for it.”

Blondie may have made her name without the help of the internet, but she says the time she spent in New York City starting in the late 1960s was almost like cyberspace.

“What happened in New York was so straightforward. It was almost like we had our version of the internet because the city was so limited. We all figured it out pretty quickly,” she continued. “It has a lot to do with the influence of things coming from New York. It’s just this small area; you can go to any club in a night.”

Although she doesn’t want to be a young musician in 2022, Harry faced difficulties in the first few years of her career. According to The Sunday Times, the musician revealed in her 2019 memoir, Face It, that she was once raped at gunpoint during a burglary, while her then-boyfriend (and later Blondie bandmate) Chris Stein was tied beside her.

Harry said the adversity she faced in life shaped her career and character.

“I don’t think a lot of people will let anything happen to them. I’m looking. It sounds silly, but I want to have experience in my life,” she told The Times. “Coming from a very conservative background, it was important to me to understand who I was.”


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