Kennah Orr Gervais Obituary, Death – Visitation & Funeral Service

Kennah Orr Gervais
Kennah Orr Gervais

Kennah Orr Gervais Obituary, Death – Visitation & Funeral Service

Kennah Orr Gervais, former Florida International Panther, has passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, April, leaving family, closer relatives and other loved ones in total devastations and sadness. She died after she succumbed to a rare cervical cancer at the young age of 30.

In April 2020, at the age of 27, Kenner was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Kennah was her daughter, mother, sister, wife, and best friend to her people! Kennah had to deal with multiple surgeries and multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, but this time, invasive, life-changing surgery was the only way she could get rid of her cancer.

If you know Kennah, you know she’s a fighter and truly the best mom and light in her life, Kylar. She surprised us all with her strength and BS mentality while continuing to fight for her life.

Kennah played softball for most of her life before this horrific disease became a chapter of her life story, so you can tell she has a competitive heart and goes for cancer in the ass! Kennah, an FIU softball graduate, was an assistant softball coach at Webber International for 3 seasons.

Kennah’s passion is softball and we are all committed to getting her back on the beach and coaching and coaching the ladies because that’s what she was born to do!

Unfortunately, the surgery Kenner had to attend was extremely rare. As such, Kennah will most likely travel to New York for surgery and recuperation for an unknown timeframe. Having said that, we (her family) are planning for her living expenses there, airfare for her and Kylar’s trip, groceries, medical expenses, and day-to-day expenses when she returns home.

Kennah isn’t too worried, she processes the cards that are sent to her every day and sees her as a true survivor of this terrible disease. This time, we are really trying to raise as much money as possible to ease the burden of the expenses listed above so she can continue to focus on her treatment and recovery towards CANCER FREE!

Any amount donated is a blessing to Kennah. If you are unable to donate, we encourage you to share your story and this link so we can let as many people as possible know.

Kenna, we also ask for your prayers for your doctors, family and friends. Add them to any rosary, prayer group, church…we appreciate it more than you know. We may not be sure why God chose Kenna to do this, but we’re not sure he’s going to support her and continue to be the strength she needs to move forward.

Thanks in advance to everyone who took the time to read this. We will update this page as often as possible as Kennah’s journey continues.

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