Matthew Foss Death and Obituary, Accomplished Senior Economist Matthew Foss is Dead, Cause of Death

Matthew Foss
Matthew Foss

Matthew Foss Death and Obituary, Accomplished Senior Economist Matthew Foss is Dead, Cause of Death

Energy is crucial to modern life; it’s at the center of many public discussions and debates. All of society’s choices about energy lie in the future; none are more fundamental than how we transition to new energy systems.

These transitions risk disrupting prosperity by balancing supply security, costs, impacts of production and consumption, including everyone and every nation. Secure energy supplies should be affordable and appropriate for all peoples and nations.

Matthew has worked in public policy, the business world and the energy industry for over 20 years. He is a public policy expert with a unique skill set that bridges multiple settings: academia, business and government. Matthew also has First Class Honors Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees.

Led a team of 32 people with a yearly budget of $5 Million. They were trained and built to perform at a high level in both policy making and analytics.

The work involved in redesigning the oil and gas tax structure for the eighth largest oil and gas producing region in the world was led by them. This involved a lot of analytic and engagement work, which involved building public and investor confidence after a 20 year debate. They also involved building legislation, making regulatory adjustments, changing business rules, adjusting IT systems, and implementing these changes into operating manuals.

Appeared as a witness of public interest in front of the national oil and gas regulating body. Then, he presented clear statements directly to the body when interacting with it. By doing this, he was able to directly influence the body’s regulatory decision.

Advice on multi-billion dollar investments in refineries, pipelines, rail lines and petrochemical facilities was provided to executive audiences including elected officials. Additionally, laws and regulations related to energy policies were suggested by speakers.

I speak on behalf of the Alberta energy industry, the Alberta government and energy resource laws. I’ve given speeches, presentations and seminars both domestically and internationally.


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