Ned Fulmer cheated video leaked on twitter and reddit – Wife Guy Ned Fulmer Ousted From ‘Try Guys’

Ned Fulmer
Ned Fulmer

Ned Fulmer cheated video leaked on twitter and reddit – Wife Guy Ned Fulmer Ousted From ‘Try Guys’

Rumors that Ned Fulmer, a member of YouTube channel The Try Guys, cheated on his wife Arielle spread on Monday. That same day, the channel released an official statement saying that they ended their partnership. No response was given to Jezebel, who requested comment regarding the allegations.

According to a theory supported by screenshots and Reddit speculation, Ned Fulmer — one of the four stars in the Buzzfeed series The Try Guys — supposedly had an affair with producer Alex Herring. This is significant because as a Wife Guy, Fulmer co-authored a cookbook with his wife Ariel that was titled The Date Night Cookbook.

The allegations of Fulmer cheating on his wife are breaking the internet. They are considered aggressive speculation, but people love a good hypocrisy scandal online. This is because it’s similar to the 2022 cheating scandal involving John Mulaney.

In 2021, Olivia Munn allegedly became pregnant with Mulaney’s child shortly after he left rehab— which was immediately after his ex-wife. Both men were considered likeable public figures prior to the scandal; they presented themselves as extremely devoted husbands.

The Try Guys’ subreddit noticed something was wrong when Fulmer didn’t appear in the last three episodes of their YouTube show. Its users noticed that he was featured in all the season’s promotion and edited out of recent episodes. Some believed this was suspicious because it seemed out of place and unlikely to be an accident.

Others assumed it was likely due to filming in Las Vegas at Caesar’s Palace— except that Fulmer wasn’t present in any photos or videos of the event. The last two episodes of the You Can Sit With Us podcast — which features Ariel Fulmer, one of the Try Guys’ wives — haven’t been released.

Additionally, the Try Guys announced last week that they would only release one weekly episode through the end of October. This raised further concerns about the channel’s availability.

A mysterious Reddit thread titled “Ned” was posted on the Try Guys subreddit. The thread contained allegations that Matt Fulmer had cheated on his wife. When commenters questioned the legitimacy of the claims, Hamilton390 — who appears to be Will Thayer, Herring’s fiancé — messaged one commenter directly.

The person messaging was allegedly Thayer, who sent a series of direct messages allegedly involving him and another woman. In these DMs, several blurry videos were shown, which supposedly depicted Herring and Fulmer dancing and kissing at a New York nightclub.

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