Tai Emery leaked onlyfans videos on twitter and reddit, From Lingerie Football to BKFC

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Tai Emery has come a long way in her fighting career so far. From the LFL (Legends Football League, an all-women’s underwear league) to Lingerie FC, to training in Thailand, to her signing at Bare Knuckle FC, her career has taken her everywhere.

When Emery arrived in Thailand in 2019, on the night of the coronavirus pandemic, she told her to stick with it. “I literally threw it away and slept on the concrete floor of a Thai gym and just learned from them,” she said in a recent interview with Cageside Press. “There’s some kind of vision or dream, or just that pull, that magnetic pull, that says to stay put.”

When the call for BKFC came, she really thought it was a joke. “I thought someone was trying to attack me. I think managers and people like to spice things up, that’s not my style,” explained Emery. “In the end, I just remember being a little short with him. I said, ‘Look, man, if you want to take me to the playground, take me to the playground! Because I don’t need to listen to other crap. I’m not interested in contracts, I’m not interested in any of them. If that happens, I want to show it. “

Just a few weeks ago, she had spoken to sponsors and said she wanted to fight with her bare hands. Another reason she thought someone was hitting her. “They put me on a group chat with David [Feldman, BKFC president] so I could see it was real. Slowly I realized it was real.”

“Honestly, I’m just too happy. I think it’s a good promotion, and I think it’s a need to change the fight. Similar to the LFL, it takes that element and makes it more entertaining.”

Emery likes the fact that BKFC takes a traditional sport and incorporates an element of entertainment. Not to mention they develop women in sports. “They’re building a women’s department. They want to start a women’s department.”

If you thought Emery’s underwear football background was more about show than athleticism or toughness, think again. How hard is it for the girls to bang even in these revealing outfits?

“Think Roller Derby, think Miss America, think Miss America, think UFC, think street, think all of that, because that’s what it’s all about, while still trying, playing football,” Emory said. . “I’ve had more injuries playing football, LFL, than any of my games. There’s so much enthusiasm, for women, we make everything so personal. For me, attacking someone is My own work. How would a girl see it that you’d say, ‘Man, you remember we played football, right? I’ll give it a go!’

“A girl would come over like she hit my knee and I popped a rib during the game,” revealed Emery, who bounced it back to continue the game. “My nipples were almost ripped off.”

Now that she’s transitioning to Bare Knuckle, Emery hopes to make her debut in December. She’s not ready to challenge anyone yet, but anything is possible, including qualifying for the tournament. “I don’t know, I don’t care, I’m happy to be signed, I’m happy to promote the next generation and build a legacy.”


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