Taylor Frankie Paul arrest video leaked on twitter, Video shows Tiktok star on reddit

Taylor Frankie Paul

Taylor Frankie Paul arrest video leaked on twitter, Video shows Tiktok star on reddit

Newly released police body camera video shows Mormon influencer Taylor Frankie Paul, who identifies as a soft-swinger, was arrested last month on domestic violence charges after admitting she “lost control.” and threw metal chairs at her boyfriend.

The highly edited 10-minute video, obtained by The Post last Friday, begins with Paul, 28, visibly emotional and “drunk”, claiming that her boyfriend, Dakota Mortensen, 30, “threw me in the garage from his home in Utah.

“Because she’s attacking me so hard!” Mortensen said, later adding that he “was a little bit scared for my life.”

The mother-of-two said she was “so scared” of Mortensen and “weed my pants.”

“I pushed him. I hit him. He pushed me against the kids’ stuff and then I lost control,” Paul said tearfully.

Paul was arrested on February 17 and subsequently charged with two counts of felony domestic violence in the presence of a child and one count of aggravated assault, as well as lesser counts of child abuse and criminal mischief. Her hearing is scheduled for April 14.

The Post has contacted Paul’s attorney, the Herriman Police Department and the Salt Lake County Prosecutor’s Office for comment.

In the video, Paul is seen standing outside her house, telling police there was a fight when Mortensen refused to take her to a concert after she got drunk while she was out with friends.

“I am emotionally hurt,” she told police.

The couple had been dating for approximately six months at the time. Mortensen told police in the video that Indy was her “biggest concern” of hers, saying that she felt “so bad” for the boy.

The video shows Paul telling police that her 2-year-old son, Ocean, was sleeping upstairs at the time.

She also said that she “weed her pants” because she was “so scared” of Mortensen.

Police searched “multiple metal chairs and other household items on the floor” of the house. Mortensen told police that he suspected he had broken a finger and injured his elbow, stating that he was “a little bit scared for my life.” He also noted minor damage to his truck.

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