Thurston Waffles is Dead, Cat of tiktok and youtube or meme passed away

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Thurston Waffles is Dead, Cat of tiktok and youtube or meme passed away

I’m so happy to know Thurston lived such a long, happy life! I’ve had many dark days, and getting online to see that silly kitty always made me laugh. My mom’s cat would always come to listen to my phone whenever Thurston was meowing, he brought so much joy in all our lives. Thank you for sharing your funny, sweet, unique kitty to the world! I’m so terribly sorry for your lost.

I can’t believe I’m even writing this but I have to tell you now that we’ve lost Thurston. It hurts his mom and I to know how much reading this is going to hurt so many of you. Your bond with him was real. Your bond with us is real. It’s always been palpable through the kind words you gave us and the jokes we made with our favorite little guy.

I know this is going to feel sudden for you because it’s sudden for us as well. I just want to warn you upfront that I’m about to discuss what happened. I know it can be hard to read these kinds of details so I wanted you to be aware.

After 15 years we made a huge positive life change. During the one month since we got here Thurston was loving the new house. Only days before we lost him he was sprinting around the house like a kitten, which is why what happened next was so shocking and difficult to process.

We have been fighting what seems like a sinus infection for several weeks with him. The vets (we had two separate opinions) reasonably thought it had to be either a sinus infection or something related to his teeth. So after treating him with antibiotics and not having the problem go away, the vet suggested we do a dental since

They thought it most likely he had an abscessed tooth. they call us later that day to say that his teeth were all fine but they had found a mass. They asked if we wanted to do a CAT scan, to which we of course said yes, after which it was viewed by a radiologist who confirmed that it was nasal cancer.

Upon waking up, his sinus infection went into overdrive, did not respond to antibiotics, and two days later he was gone. I hope it comforts you to know that we did everything we could to make him feel happy and safe, and that his passing was a gentle one. He spent his last days in front of his favorite lamp with his mom and I making everything feel as normal as possible.

That said, his mom and I are completely devastated. They say dogs are man’s best friend, but mine was a cat. A shrimpy, sweet, lovable, goofy white cat.


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