Ventura College Shooting today, What happened? Active shooter now

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grip of cop cars and a swat truck racing by my place in Ventura. police scanner app mentioned “shooter” around the “Math/Science building” anyone at Ventura College right now?

We are aware of a potential active threat on the Ventura College campus. Nothing has been confirmed at this point. Our officers are on scene and currently investigating. We will provide an update as soon as we have more information to share.

Ventura College –VPD is investigating a report of a person with a rifle at Ventura College. VPD on scene investigating. Sgt on scene reporting so far NO sign of active shooter or anyone injured as of 6:15 PM – @KTLAnewsdesk Possible active shooter at Ventura college. I heard the tone out on fire dispatch but it’s not on Pulse point. Fire to support LEO. There are a few tweets out there. Some mention of Science buildings. No other details.

Ventura College, the first university in Ventura County, was established in 1925 when Ventura Union High School added a junior college. In 1929, the Ventura High School District adopted the “Four Four Plan” for secondary education, which provided for four years of middle school (grades 7-10) and four years of high school/junior school (grades 11-14). The following year, Ventura Junior College (then a four-year high school) moved to its new campus on Ventura Avenue and Catalina Street, where Ventura High School is currently located.


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