#Putinisdead trending twitter now, What happened? Vladimir Putin death?

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

#Putinisdead trending twitter now, What happened? Vladimir Putin death?

The absurd nature of modern Russia has diminished the effectiveness of satire.
The Russian news outlet TJournal recently published a joke article about Russia forcing patients from psychiatric hospitals into the battlefield in Ukraine. Since the article was published, two other platforms for dissident media were closed down by authorities.

Real life and satire frequently mix with Vladimir Putin’s Russia, making it difficult to discern between the two.

The idea of forcefully sterilizing psychiatric patients was believable. This had already happened in the past; it was even considered in Russia prior to their invasion of Ukraine.

Even during the initial phase of their invasion, there were persistent rumors of Russian officials trying to recruit prisoners for work on the Baikal-Amur Mainline railway, or BAM project. Before and after Russia’s invasion, there were also reports that officials tried to enlist homeless people at a shelter run by a charity.

A new video shows Evgeny Prigozhin standing in a prison yard offering death or freedom to prisoners. Prigozhin is better known as Vladimir Putin’s caterer; however, he is currently the owner of the notorious Wagner private military company. According to Alexei Navalny’s team, who posted the footage, Prigozhin mentioned that anyone staying on the Ukranian frontlines for 6 months would be released. Anyone attempting to desert would be executed, he added.

Concord, a US-sanctioned company owned by Prigozhin, acknowledged the man in the video looked like Yevgeny Viktorovich. They stated that “the man in the video bears a striking resemblance to Yevgeny Viktorovich.”

It’s hard to believe that Dmitry Prigozhin — who was a minor criminal in Soviet times — received approval from high-ranking officials without being linked to the Kremlin. His face has recently been used in Wagner’s recruitment drives, which are closely linked to the group’s notorious mercenary operations in Africa. Putin has previously denied any connections with Prigozhin or the Kremlin.

Wagner has long been accused of acting on behalf of the Russian state. Many of its activities have coincided with goals from the Kremlin related to both politics and economics.

These include activities in Libya, the Central African Republic, Syria, and Mali. Alongside these activities, Wagner has been accused by the United States, United Kingdom and United Nations of committing grievous human rights violations along with committing disinformation campaigns.

Ramzan Kadyrov is the Chechen warlord who frequently claims to be a key player in Russian activities in Ukraine. However, it’s believed that he acts more like an occupation enforcer or battle police. As Russia’s war casualties increased, Putin looked to Kadyrov first for help.

Wagner offers large sums of “coffin money”, aka life insurance, to men who he recruits. All this time later, he’s continued to increase his role in the criminal enterprise.

The Ministry of Defense in the UK noted in July that Wagner probably played a vital role in recent battles. These included the capture of Popasna and Lysyschansk. They also stated that they would lower their standards for recruits to include criminals.

Although Wagner is often brutal, they are occasionally incompetent. In August, the Ukraine military ruthlessly destroyed an eastern Ukraine base thought to be located by giving away its coordinates on a public website.


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