Walmart Employee, Kyesha Moredock Arrested, Accused Of Stealing $225,000 In Cash From Evansville Store

Kyesha Moredock Mugshot

Indiana Walmart employee, Kyesha Moredock, is accused of stealing at least $225,000 while on the job at a Vanderburgh County Superstore.

Moredock, 37, was arrested after being accused of stealing nearly quarter million dollars from an Evansville store over a several month period.

An investigation started in May when representatives from the Walmart Asset Protection Department contacted Evansville Police to report a theft. The APD claimed Moredock had possibly pilfered $225,000 in cash.

Evansville police said that Walmart provided surveillance video of Moredock reportedly violating the company’s cash control procedure by taking cash to her car instead of the company’s safe from April through May.

Authorities said Walmart only had video of Moredock stealing $46,000, but the company believed the total amount was closer to $225,000.

According to police records, officials questioned Moredock about the reported theft in an interview. She denied the allegation and blamed the loss on a software glitch.

Evansville police said she told them she worked at Walmart for two years and part of her job was to take money to and from the self-checkout registers.

An affidavit states that Moredock admitted to violating Walmart’s cash control policy but wouldn’t admit to stealing the money.

Officials said she eventually requested an attorney and stopped speaking to officers.

According to authorities, Moredock was arrested and is facing several theft charges.


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